What the Fuck Is Nancy Pelosi Doing?

Adam Campbell-Schmitt
2 min readJul 17, 2019

It’s like… what?

photo credit: AFGE via Flickr

Okay, what the fuck is Nancy Pelosi doing?

Why isn’t she doing anything?

It’s like, come on!

What’s the point of being there if she’s not going to do something?

You’d think with the Mueller thing and the racism things and the sex things it’d be like, “Oh yeah, let’s do something.” But she’s not doing anything!

What the fuck?

I called her office. I called and I told them she needs to do, like, something! You know what they said? Nothing! For fuck’s sake!

(I got a machine, to be fair.)

I just thought she’d have done something by now.

At first, she didn’t do anything, and I was like “maybe she’s waiting to do something.” Then more things happened and she was all “I’m not going to do anything.” The fuck?!

Then some more things happened and she finally did something, but then the next day she said she didn’t mean to do the something she did.

She might as well have done nothing!

Fuck, man.

Hypothetically speaking, what if she did do something? What would happen? Nothing? Sure, but maybe not. Maybe something would happen. If something did, it could very well be anything. But at least it’d be something!

Seriously, what the fuck is Nancy Pelosi doing?

Update Dec. 10, 2019: Oh fuck, she did something!

Adam Campbell-Schmitt is a political science professor, commentator, and Democratic strategist in his own mind.



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