We’re an AMERICAN Restaurant and We Only Do FULL-CONTACT Delivery

Adam Campbell-Schmitt
3 min readApr 2, 2021

No masks. No gloves. But a whole lotta Justin.

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We’re back!

As you all know from our unfairly suspended (censored!) Facebook page, it wasn’t our decision to shut down Biff’s Bar & Grille. Our wuss governor caved to the liberal media and the hoax virus, forcing us to close our dining room and limit our Freedoms to takeout and delivery.

But now that nearly 1% of the state’s population is genetically modified — oops, we mean “vaccinated” — and things are completely back to normal, we’re stoked to feed our friends and neighbors in a whole new way.

Just place your order over the phone, online, or by DMing us on Parler. When that doorbell ding-dongs, get ready: Full-Contact Delivery is about to begin.

Upon opening the door, our maskless and gloveless delivery driver will press their body against yours as you both shout the Pledge of Allegiance at each other’s faces.

Following a lingering, joint-to-joint, full-body embrace, the driver will enter your home and present your boxless and bagless food in an unwashed bucket containing your entire order mixed…



Adam Campbell-Schmitt

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