Thank You for Contacting Sisyphus Snow Removal

Adam Campbell-Schmitt
1 min readFeb 15, 2021

We’re endlessly busy at the moment.

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Thank you for contacting Sisyphus Snow Removal!

While we would love to be your go-to provider for swift and efficient plowing and shoveling, we are currently unable to book any future appointments as our entire team is constantly dispatched in an unending blizzard.

At this time, our services are under an exclusive, open-ended contract with Zeus County. Also, due to a permitting issue with the Hades Township, we are only serving the neighborhoods on the nether side of Styx Avenue.

Unfortunately, county regulations only allow for us to remove as much snow as has been predicted to fall in the next hour, meaning our fleet of fate-of-the-art trucks and blowers are busy plowing and throwing snow safely out of the way and into the freshly cleared path behind them 24/7.

But as winter storms rage on, we certainly don’t want you out there trying to cheat Death by shoveling your own driveway (that’s our job!). And keeping our equipment gassed up and running isn’t cheap, so we appreciate your business.

Or we will, as soon as we can get to you… which hopefully won’t take an eternity.

Keep on truckin’!

Steve Boulder-Hill, owner



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