Snazzier Slang Words for Champagne

“A bit of bubbly?” We can do better than that.




Buzz Lightvintage



Champler Bing

Corked Chaos

Debutant’s Regret

Electric Tinkle

Flapper’s Flute Filler

The French Burp

F. Scott Spritzgerald

Giggle Glug

Golden Gargle

The Grape Gatsby

Haute Sauce

Hiccup’s Hangover

Jazz Juice

Lush’s Luxury

Millionaire’s Mouthwash

New Year’s Evil

Nose Wine


Party Piss

Rapper’s Delight

Rockefeller's Douche

Satan’s Sparkles

Stripper Swill

Tickle Spit

Tuxedo Water

Vineyard Vesuvius

Yippee Piss

Yuppie Piss

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Piss

A writer and editor living, laughing, and loving in the NYC suburbs.

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