20 Ways to Refer to the ‘Super Bowl’ Without Getting Sued

Adam Campbell-Schmitt
1 min readJan 31, 2020

“The Big Game” isn’t your only option.

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Every year, Americans turn on their TVs, whip up some wings, dip some chips, and guzzle a few brews while tuning into the biggest sporting event of the year. But if you’re a brand or other moneymaking venture trying to capitalize on the end-of-season football fervor, the pesky NFL makes it nearly impossible to use the term “Super Bowl” in your advertisements and marketing materials without permission or paying up.

This year, instead of relying on that tired standby euphemism “The Big Game” to refer to Super Bowl LIV, try one of these other creative options for a lawsuit-free association:

  • The Gridiron Gala
  • Helmetfest
  • Artificial Turf War
  • Millionaire Mosh Pit
  • The Grass Stain Massacre
  • The Battle of Bumpin’ Athletic Cups
  • Slightly Realer Wrestlemania
  • Uncle Rob’s Academy Awards
  • At-Least-Mom-Is-Screaming-at-the-TV-and-Not-Us Sunday
  • Fourquarter Opera
  • Chicken Wingmageddon
  • Commercial Break Christmas
  • The Pigskin Polka
  • America’s Grey Cup (Canada)
  • The Oblong Ball Ballet
  • Nonsports Fans Insist on Awareness Week
  • Super-short Eminem Concert
  • Joe Buck Gets Laryngitis Eve
  • Day-Drinking Appreciation Day
  • Concussapalooza



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