This movie definitely doesn’t stink.

Photo by Henrikas Mackevicius from Pexels

Screens down and gather ‘round, everyone! Your dad has an important announcement.

Photo by Kelvyn Ornettte Sol Marte on Unsplash

Photo by Jane Stroebel on Unsplash

Bubbles and slime can only occupy them for so long…

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

Clothing Boutique

We’re opening a store! Better keep all these freshly laundered clothes folded and stacked so they look nice and neat for your customer who is working on their laptop now but will come check out the inventory once this Zoom meeting is over!


Oh no, traffic is backed up at the Spaceport! Help all the flying saucers (plates) and other spacecraft (utensils) safely land in the docking bay (dishwasher)! Don’t let them crash, or it’ll come out of your Space Traffic Controller salary (allowance)!

Lion Tamer

Can you tame and train the f̶a̶m̶i̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶ lion to walk around the block on a…

It’s time for dad to distance himself from his favorite guitar god.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Don’t get up! We’ll bring you everything we need.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

We can’t allow an uneven number to erase a catchy, educational song.

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Image by ICKH from Pixabay
  • Your tolerance for kissing someone with garlicky breath is much lower than…

image by author

image by author

Adam Campbell-Schmitt

A writer and editor living, laughing, and loving in the NYC suburbs. Twitter: @adamcswrites

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